1. The Awl. The Awl is what I secretly want all writing on the internet to resemble. It seems totally undiluted and like no one is counting down their words to make sure it fits into an allocated space that it was written to occupy. I'm fairly old in terms of internet age so I remember when there was a lot more of this kind of writing to be found via Netscape 4 and I'm not just talking about GeoCities or whatever. Suck.com comes to mind immediately. Writing that isn't broken into bullet points is soothing after reading so many quizzes and vague statements uttered entirely in memes. This may or not be writing for the graybeards, but I'm enjoying the shit out of it.
  2. Fresh News. Fresh News has been a constant in my bookmarks (ha ha, there's an app for that now) since the early 2000's without any huge change in format or freemium strapons. They did add a bunch of feeds so my visits over the years actually increased rather than dropped off. It loads quickly and just shares the good news friends. More things should work this way; do a single job well for a number of different sources. Unfortunately, everyone starts this way to some degree then gets the idea that they need to lardbomb everything to create more mass appeal. I dislike mass appeal especially when it fails on both sides of the equation. FN does and did it right. Thanks.
  3. Kingdom of Loathing. Years ago when I first encountered KoL I thought it was hilarious and delivered all the right jabs to all the right companies/games. The other super cool part that others never quite seem to get is that games should also be fun to actually play (actually better when the goofiness is incorporated directly into the gameplay) even when it's played entirely in the browser and uses stick figures for all of its graphics. It's silly without being stupid (this is another goal that should be taught at entrepreneur finishing school as well) and continuously expands. They accept donations, but don't demand them by withholding anything vital from the game itself.
  4. These vegan veggie burgers I keep buying from Target. I have no idea what the actual brand name is so no link action, but throw these on the grill and they may or may not fool any of my omnivore friends. My decidedly non-vegan kid will gladly eat one of these and that's a good thing because a vegan is in charge of the grill. At the Target near my house they store these things in the refrigerated section where you'd normally look for salad in a bag. I have no idea how they'd work with a paleo diet or a gluten-free diet mainly because one of those things is stupid and the other is hypochondria. You can pick which is which.