Reddit has always been at least a bit of a shitshow. Even when it was the saner alternative to Digg, it always had a it’s okay, we’re all libertarians in here posturing in written policy that, to be honest, kept me from being active in the community at all. I cannot say that I predicted the most recent meltdown and exodus of people who were actually contributing useful things but it seemed inevitable given that the motto-worthy freedom of speech of Reddit seemed to cater exclusively to the most loathesome variants possible. I’m guessing that the commercialization of Reddit made matters worse. The strategy post-acquisition seems to be pretty stupid as well.

It’s difficult to even venture a guess about whether this will actually spell the end for Reddit or not. Folks with excess amounts of money not wanting their money associated with Reddit is a bit more simple of speculate on, though. I wish that all of the career trolls even those who are more offensive than actually harmful would just keep hanging out and trying to offend one another, but we all know that will never be the case. For most of the sociopaths that have nothing to do but grief other people endlessly, without someone to react to the horrible crap they post, it’s kind of pointless. I guess that’s the idea behind correctional facilities in a sense. Maybe there’ll be a weight room?