I don’t geek out about monospace fonts very often (there’s supposed to be some humor there, but I can’t remember the tag for it), but Hack is completely awesome and solves a whole bunch of problems I typically have with the system monospace defaults in nearly any environment. The zero/capital ‘O’ problem has always frustrated me and actually caused me to change the language highlighting if I’m working with a bunch of third party libraries that annoyingly insist on using uppercase o’s. It also solves the lowercase ‘l’ and 1 problem. The other cool part is that it’s actually set up purposefully to be easily tinkered with and altered so if something is annoying, you can just fix it yourself.

It doesn’t make a bunch of sense until you actually try it. Luckily, there’s already an AUR package for it so it took me about 45 seconds to get it installed and set up for Gedit and I’ve been happily editing old scripts with little regard for highlighting hackery for the past couple days.